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For decades we have helped advisors learn and master financial planning.

The founders of Balmville Wealth Group (BWG) have over 100 years of combined experience in the financial industry. For decades we have strived to help advisors learn and master financial planning. BWG was created to allow you to help your clients with their financial needs. Through our strategic alliances you will be able to provide Health, Property & Casualty, Medicare Supplement, Commercial, Group, and Event Insurance, Mortgages, Legal, and Tax advice along with your traditional lines of business. By handling ALL of your clients concerns, without obtaining any additional licenses, you are able to manage your revenue as well as control over who is contacting your clients. At BWG, your independence is our mission! 

As an independent advisor, "next level" guidance and planning are imperative. The executives at Balmville Wealth Group, along with our alliances, are committed to making your transition to true independence and/or Balmville Wealth Group a smooth and confident experience. Our executive team, coupled with LPL's transition team, will be by your side every step of the way seeking to assure the easiest transition possible. Upon joining BWG, you will have complete control and flexibility of your practice. If you desire guidance, we will help. Training, coaching, lead generation, acquiring books/practices, succession planning, setting up your own LLC, and staffing are just a few of the areas our team and partners are prepared to help with. At Balmville Wealth Group our goal is for you to become TRULY INDEPENDENT, BUT NEVER ALONE!

LPL Financial does not provide property & casualty, medicare supplement, commercial, group, and event Insurance, mortgages, legal, or tax advice advice or services. 

Balmville Wealth Group is a firm built by advisors, for advisors. With over 112 years of combined experience working as, and with advisors, the greatest skill we have learned is to listen. Our executive team has gone to great lengths to create an organization based on your needs and desires.

  • Best in class products
  • Complete line of products
  • Top of the industry compensation package
  • Best in class support locally and with our strategic partners
  • Complete transition assistance team
  • Compliance support
  • Practice acquisition financing
  • Marketing support
  • Peer group collaboration functions

The above list are just a few of the principles Balmville Wealth Group was founded under with input from top advisors like yourself. If you are looking for a big time business opportunity with a small time feel, Balmville Wealth Group is the place for you.

  • Perhaps your goal is to become part of a dynamic team to better your practice through collaboration?
  • Or, you may be looking for access to a better business model with top compensation, practice value management and/or succession options?
  • Maybe, doing more for your existing clients is what is most important to you?      

You will set the course for YOUR practice and dictate the level of support you want. Your independence is our mission. At Balmville Wealth Group you will be TRULY INDEPENDENT, BUT NEVER ALONE!

Meet Our Executive Team

Michael Vela

Founder and Chairman

(845) 825-6994

Mike is a dynamic leader who founded Balmville Wealth Group (BWG) to give advisors a unique and complete product platform. Mike started his career as an advisor in 1988 and worked with clients before becoming a mentor, coach, and confidant to advisors from Buffalo to Miami. As an executive, Mike led the integration of two multi-billion dollar organizations while growing sales to record levels and creating policies to enable advisors to excel. With over thirty years of experience, Mike is clear on what advisors need, in today's ever-changing environment, to maximize the success of their practice and best help their clients. Through your affiliation with BWG, you will have access to Mike for guidance and support in maximizing your success. 

Fred Nero

Co-founder and President

(518) 542-5239

Fred is a forty-six year veteran in the financial services industry. His career began in 1974 after graduating from the University of Albany with degrees in Business Administration, Finance, and Accounting. He has helped thousands of individuals, families, and advisors prosper and obtain their goals. Fred, over the years, has lectured before financial professionals and organizations across the country, and is well known in the industry for conducting seminars providing education to clients to help them make sound and informed financial decisions. Fred prides himself on being "in the trenches", and his desire and passion for helping advisors is unparalleled in the industry. Through your affiliation with BWG, Fred will become a resource to you and spend time physically or via phone to support in maximizing your success. 

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